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Annotated Bibliography Writing Help from seasoned experts who have spent years examining sources and researching bibliographies. A bibliography is simply a list of the sources used in your research, however, an annotated bibliography includes a list of those sources as well as a brief (usually 150-word) summary and appraisal of each source. The annotation not only details the item’s content but also offers the reader an assessment of the item’s techniques and/or findings, as well as its relevance to your research.

An annotation, as opposed to an abstract (which is merely a summary), is descriptive and critical; it reveals the author’s assessment of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the mentioned source.

An annotated bibliography, in essence, strives to determine the true worth or value of numerous sources. In this activity, you want to determine if and why you should choose a specific source.

Annotated bibliographies can be a challenging blend of research and analysis. You must invest time in locating sources and then ensuring that you fully comprehend them. Get an expert to assist you with annotated bibliography writing.

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